Panisco Engineering Nigeria Limited incorporated in Nigeria on 26th November 1979 with Certificate No. RC 30682 is wholly indigenous with international backing and Foreign Technical Partner Support. The Company has proved its technical mettle in Nigeria electrical installation industry with good commendation from its clients, consulting Engineers, Architects and other admirer for her technical competence and ability to complete project in record time.

We hold the Federal Ministry of Works Certificate of Competence category ‘D’ Electrical No. EC/82/17 dated 24th November 1982 and ED/INST/91/93 issued on 25th November 1999, Federal Ministry of Mines Power and Steel Electrical Wiring installation License No. 1343 category 1 issued on 20th day of October 1987, National Electric Power Authority Wiring License No. 04170 issued on 5th day of November 1981, The Nigeria Society of Engineers Membership, No. (05358) issued on 12th July 1992 and The Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria, Electrical Engineer No (R.5160). We make sure each an everyone of our staffs get certified in their fields. This ensures that we make use of only Professionals to execute our jobs.

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