PANISCO ENGINEERING LTD started out as PANISCO ELECTRICAL COMPANY. PANISCO ELECTRICAL COMPANY was established in 1976 as a Private Enterprise dedicated primarily to carrying out and executing contracts in the Electrical installations and services sector. Our unique approach in executing Electrical installation and services contracts ensured that we rose rapidly among Engineering contractors to FMCG's and incoming manufacturing companies in Nigeria. As at that time, Nigeria was in a well positioned state for industrialization. Thus we became pioneer contractors to numerous manufacturing companies stationed in Nigeria.

PANISCO ELECTRICAL COMPANY grew rapidly and continued to diversify into related fields such as Mechanical installations and fabrications and so on. Eventually, in 1979, PANISCO ENGINEERING LTD was born. We became a Limited Liability company and fully became stake-holders in the Engineering services and contracting industry. We excelled at Mechanical, Fire and burglar alarm System, Lightning Arrestor, Surge protection, and Air-conditioning installation and services projects.

Panisco Engineering Ltd's search for excellence is expressed in both our customer service and use of high quality materials that are in accordance with industry codes and standards. We always strive to attain complete customer satisfaction through a corporate policy dedicated to the attainment of the highest standard.