Our Team


Engineer Adeyemi Peter Anisegi

A seasoned Engineer and businessman,. He acquired his education at Royal Navy Electrical College, HMS Collingwood and Fare-ham Hants. England. He was also a former Director General (DG) of Nigerian Trade Institute (NTI). NTI was directly responsible for the import and export trade of goods and commodities between Nigeria and other countries worldwide. While there, he supervised the execution and completion of numerous projects. Some of these projects have remained a main stake of operations and direct running of the institute till date. He was able to achieve this tremendous success by working with top industry professionals and skilled personnel. This cultivation of success enabled him transmit the same vigor and drive to the birth and success of Panisco Engineering Ltd. At Panisco Engineering Ltd, he has overseen the company through numerous Electrical Engineering projects. He has also guided the company has they diversified into other Engineering fields in the mechanical and fabrication industry.

Engnr. J. A. Adeleke

Engnr. J. A. Adeleke is a seasoned Electrical Engineering professional. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. he has acquired over 25 years professional experience in Industrial electrical engineering installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and related services. He started out as a Senior Project management staff before becoming an Executive Partner of the board of Panisco Engineering Ltd.

Engnr. E. A. Benedict

He has a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Power). He has also acquired over 30 years working experience in the transmission section of NEPA (PHCN). Here he acquired numerous training in the setup , installation and maintenance of transmission lines. He has also functioned in other Technical and Management departments at NEPA (PHCN). He is a recognized Professional in Nigerian Power sector.

Engnr. E. O. Anisegi

B.Sc. Electrical / Electronic Engineering graduate. On completion of his degree course, National service and pupil age training, he served in various capacities in other companies before he was appointed to the Board of Director of Panisco Engineering Nig. Ltd. as Executive Partner.